Save The Dates!

This past Fall, I have had the pleasure working with several brides and designing their Save The Dates. Today's bride, Lexie, is a treasure! Our official meeting included drinks and talking way more about her wedding than just what kind of save the dates she envisioned. 

*some details have been scratched out, respecting the privacy of the bride and groom. 

{masculine} stationery

As mentioned last week, November comes with celebrating the only two men in our little family, and this past weekend, we celebrated the patriarch. 

He had hinted several months ago that he was in need of stationery, and while 95% of what is produced at LLD is geared towards females, I took the challenge and came up with something more masculine. 

the NC State fight song

While my family is heavy on the girl side, we do have two men who both have birthdays within a week of each other. So our November is full of golf balls, tennis rackets, whiskey, and really good meals at top notch restaurants (props to being related to foodies). 

Anyways, last weekend was birthday celebration number 1. Since I tend to struggle with male birthday gifts, I did know of my brother in law's love for his alma mater: NC State. So thus, the fight song!


New Paintings

New paintings are here! New paintings are here!

18 by 36

18 by 36

18 by 36

18 by 36

18 by 18

18 by 18

To purchase or for questions, contact me directly!

These can also be found in the shop!


p.s. Small Business Saturday is November 29, and LLD just may be having a few items on sale. 


Bailes Cobb

If you haven't read the reason on why this little gig is called what it is, this post may help. 

But what is not mentioned is that Louise ran a retail store in Hartwell, Georgia for the majority of her grand life. Her son and daughter - in - law (yep, my uncle and aunt!) now run it, and yesterday I made the trip up there, and along with a much needed visit to my childhood stomping ground, I was asked to set up a little display of all things Love, Louise Designs!

I love a good drive - especially when it offers scenic routes and long stretches of land. And when the opportunity presented itself yesterday, I found myself pulling my car over, putting on the flashers, and grabbing my camera. 

And the display was also very fun to create! Thanks, Bailes Cobb for letting me visit and play! 

p.s. - if you are in the Hartwell area, stop by! Word on the street is that there are some top-notch calendars and notecards for sale! And perhaps even a painting!

A Life Verse for Henry

If there is one subject that is pretty consistent here at Love, Louise Designs, it is probably BABIES. Shower invitations, nursery work, baptism gifts, etc. And perhaps I am realizing it more and more because I am soon to have Aunt come before my own name!

And today's post is about a life verse a baby's maternal grandparents chose specifically for him. Cool, huh?

And I got to meet Henry for the first time last week and he is absolutely precious! 


A couple of months ago, I asked some really kind friends if they would be willing to let me draw / practice on them. Amazingly, they said yes and got to pick out exactly what was going to be drawn on them and where. 

Horseshoes, a word that holds specific feeling, a favorite verse, and a wedding date!

Here's to getting to draw some more in the future!


p.s. - thanks to my models! y'all were (and are!) great!

weekend recap

It's been a while since I have done one of these posts, so here goes. 

The weekend started with a little photo shoot!

One of my cousins happens to be an extremely talented photographer and graciously came over and worked her magic for Love, Louise Designs. 

a little sneak peek - more to come soon!

a little sneak peek - more to come soon!

And those orange tulips were basically the greatest purchase.  I love fresh flowers and inevitably had them throughout the rest of the house. 

And now that I am back behind the camera instead of in front of it, it's back to work. Four big, fun weddings, so far, all currently in the making for next year! 


Thanks, Jo, for your talents! 

Baby Announcements

This past weekend was the first one I have taken off since July, and while it was wonderful to take a little break and even get out of town, this Monday has been a bit of a struggle. Oh, reality! 

Mentioned in the previous post about how fantastic gold is, this baby announcement also shimmers with gold polka dots!

I started off with pink paint and the gold dots were added by hand post printed. 

Complete with a pink envelope! So sweet!

paintings galore

My latest paintings have been full of color...

And before they go to new homes, they have been cheering up my home and studio!

Those shades of orange are easily my favorite! (p.s. - do you spot the ink stains on the table?)

And this last little painting was done for a client for her NAVY bathroom. Love, love a fun bathroom!!!

Gold is good

While gold ink s easily a top favorite, it is better hand written than printed, and that's exactly what I did for this custom order: Hand wrote the recipient's name on all 25 pieces of stationery. Love, love how they turned out!

p.s. - have you ordered your calendar yet?

{2015} calendars!

Last year I created a small calendar and because of their popularity, I am excited to announce this year, there are 3 different ones!

The first two are 12 month calendars and are hand done. 

The calendar will have one of these fun colors {bright coral, hot pink, gold, mint, or navy} which you get to select! (in short - your entire calendar will be one color, not multiple.}

Then, based on your personal selection, I will add the preselected designs. We decided on hand drawn works this year because they seem to be more personal and we emphasize that around here. 

The third calendar is, surprisingly. something I like a whole lot more than I thought I would in the making. 

It's simple and printed on cream paper with black ink and a faded orange 2015, but being someone who needs to see months out - I love this!



1. 7 by 5 $22

2. 3.75 by 9.25 $22

3. 11 by 8.5 $7

Want one of the month to month calendars with the large one? No problem, the total comes down to $25 instead!



email me at with the size and color you want, and I will respond with a time frame of delivery and an invoice!

p.s. - these can be shipped!

Happy Friday, indeed!

FUN baby shower invitations

When this client reached out and told me she didn't want anything cheesy, I knew this invitation was going to be good. 

She sent me a pic of the fabric chosen for the baby's nursery (and omg I want to have it in my home!!!!) and I decided to replicate it with paint. 

And then on the invitation perfectly faded:

And we didn't leave the baby girl's name nor the hosts out!

With a handful of hosts like this, I prefer to list them on the back. I think it looks a little cleaner. 


Love this invitation!!

latest wedding invitations

The latest wedding invitations:

While I have worked with a handful of brides and I can say wholeheartedly I have enjoyed working with each of them, I'm pretty sure today's bride is in the top 3 of being most laid-back. If I could just have a snippet of her peace in my daily life, I would be good!

a visitor and her stationery

Shortly after I moved into the new space, a dear friend (and second mother to me) came to visit. She walked into my studio and asked if she could snoop? Go right ahead!

She later left with a handful of goodies (read: quotes and rough drafty things done for my own practice), including these two- 

And she also mentioned she would like personalized stationery of here own. Her only direction she gave? - do whatever I want. Um, ok!!

Feminine, tasteful, and soft. Love it! Thanks, WSM!!

prayer journals

This little project has been on my mind and heart for a while. There was about a good three weeks where a handful of different (and slightly random) people asked me if I made these and I finally took it as a sign I should start creating them. 

The notebooks i used are 80 pages, and are either lined or blank. And orders are custom!

Anniversary Gift

The fun thing about my little business is that each day is rarely the same as the day before and craziness can happen suddenly. That perfectly describes last week. But oh did I get to do some really fantastic projects. 

Like this one:

A client who I have worked with before and whose heart is made of gold asked me to create this for her parents' 40th anniversary. 

And seeing as how I am definitely pro marriage, I teared up writing the verse! 

stationery with envelope liner

A standard question I am asked is what my days usually look like, and my answer is that they rarely look the same. And when the weather is close to perfect, like yesterday,  and when the workload allows it, I move my workspace to a nearby park and it is wonderful. Here's to hoping the same can happen today!

Moving on. 

I have an obsession with envelope liner and when I suggested it as a way to pretty up some stationery, the client happily agreed, and the gold, black, and white combo is so regal. 

And I also got to create a return address stamp for her!

Thanks, MTC!