new space

Fun (and long) post today! Almost a year ago, when Love, Louise became a full time gig, I worked out of my teeny tiny washer/dryer closet. And looking back, I am not sure how I did that. 

not the best image.

not the best image.

The apartment above me also housed their washer and dryer in the same place, so I became accustomed to doing work while thinking a monsoon was about to come down on me, thanks to a washer's impressive amount of water usage. 

But I recently said adios to that space and could not be more excited for LLD's new digs. And to be completely honest, these photos are only 85% accurate - they are absolutely staged, and my desk is never this tidy. Never. In fact, my dad came over immediately following this little shoot, and flat out said, "Wow, Mary, you cleaned!"

The table top was built by my dad (I come from a family that lives up to our last name: Carpenter), and I am excited to be using it. 

And these saw horse legs are from Britt Bass Turner. She posted a picture on instagram of several items she was getting rid of, and I was able to nab these fantastic finds!

If you haven't read #GIRLBOSS, I highly recommend it. And yes, I refer to Emily Post more than I should probably admit to. The framed picture started as a doodle and is now on my business cards and somewhat of a trademark of LLD. 

This frame was used in my sister's wedding and was about to be chunked when I took it, spray painted it, and turned its tired self into a chalkboard. The board itself is actually plywood with chalkboard paint on top of it. 

The dresser is a family staple. Originally my great grandmother's, it has seen many and almost all of the grandchildren's nursery rooms, and has since been dubbed "the baby dresser." It also weighs close to 1,000 pounds. This is only a slight exaggeration. 

And the large paint palette is another score from Britt Bass - and the two smaller are mine. 

My grandmother's calligraphy set.  

The painting corner. As explained in the previous post - the tarp was without question. 

And lastly, this little corner. By far, my favorite painting I have done. 


What's not seen: a really messy closet full of unused canvases and pieces of wood, and tons and tons of paper. Come visit!

North Carolina Art Show!

As mentioned, I made the trek up to North Carolina this past weekend (Cashiers, specifically) and was in a small show. 

Most of my art was new, but of course, I had one piece that didn't sell at a previous show (but did at this one!), one piece that I have had in my home for years that I through in last minute, and one piece that was not for sale - pretty sure my mom would disown me if I sold that cow, 

The last painting, "Subtle" has the best, heaviest, and thickest canvas, and is still for sale!

And because we're talking about paintings - my new space has a painting corner!

The canvas tarp was a nonnegotiable. 

Yep, that would be a big spill in the previous home. I should have been frustrated, but really, I was just impressed that it spilled in a question mark shape. 

large print stationery

Last week was busy! I managed to plan a move the day before I left for North Carolina to attend an art show, and I can honestly say that was not the smartest planning on my part. BUT - it all went smoothly and successfully, and I welcomed the chaos with open arms.

While the new studio (!!!!) gets set up, all things are back in routine here at Love, Louise! (more details coming soon on the show and the new space!)

However, just before things got crazy, I met with a client who has proven she has exquisite taste and is fun to work with!

Her vision for her personal stationery was big, bold, and basic -  yes, please!

With her name falling off the cards like that - I mean, so obsessed! We played around with font thickness and size and ended up going in the thicker direction and I think it absolutely makes it. 

Great vision, G!

custom painting!

During an art show this fall, I met a couple who recently reached out about creating something custom for their sunroom. Their house itself is amazing, but their sunroom is easily my favorite room - it's quaint, bright, and peaceful. I immediately fell in love during my first visit. 

The couple wanted abstract, and with several orange accents scattered in the room, I went with a base color of blue. 

And here she is at her new home!


p.s. - aren't those orange lamps fantastic?!

wedding envelope liner

I have an obsession with envelope liner - it is easily my favorite thing about an envelope and my love for it continued when a recent bride used chevron printed liner for her laid back wedding invitations. 

The font she chose completed her invitation suite!

"Henry" in green ink!


I know I have talked about this before, but I just love love love a pretty handkerchief. 

The back story is I managed to get a whole stack of my late grandmother's hankies after she passed. And other than the plain, 4 sided, white hanky, her's have a combination of lace and are delicate and so feminine. 

I have started designing monograms on them with an ink pen and can't help but love them! 

a wedding with two different invitations

When a recent bride reached out to me about addressing the invitations, I knew she was going to be fun to work with because she had two different invitations: one for the ceremony, and one for the reception. I am all for a smaller wedding and bigger reception!

The actual wedding envelopes:

They were addressed in navy ink - as was the invitation itself. I also wanted the name to be a little bigger than the address.

And for the reception invitations:

I LOVE a good gold ink and this was no exception. 


Many thanks to this creative bride for letting me play!

back with a baby gift

Annnd we're back! I am pretty confident that the hardest part about returning to the office after a little time away is checking email. It should be done slowly, like entering a haunted house. But alas, I did it and survived and if you emailed me, I'll be getting back to you SOON!

Right before I left, though, I met with sweetest client and worked on a baptism gift for her dear friend's baby. Other than wedding calligraphy, baby gifts are probably the second most popular category for Love, Louise. 

This hymn is sung after the baptisms in the Methodist church, and while it was my first time using it, I'm sure it will not be the last!

Horse Stationery

My sister recently celebrated a birthday and requested some Love, Louise work - and that I did!

She loves horses, well, really, any and all animals, so instead of doing the standard monogram look (which I do love), I decided to go on a different route. 

And I did lightly and in a very small font add her monogram, because it's just such a nice, personal touch. 

a different take on stationery

Usually when a client comes to me wanting stationery, we go back and forth on what she (and he!) might want it to look like - style, font, color, etc etc. Then, once the design is laid out, I use my scanner and printer and go to work.

However, this project was a little different because she asked me with not a whole lot of time to spare, and I just so happened to be at a favorite paper shop - and the ideas started flowing. 


I purchased chevron designed stationery and then hand wrote on each card - with about 8 different styles, rather than running it through the printer. While I typically like to come up with the design, this was ideal with the very short time frame, plus the recipients who will get her cards will be able to feel the textured calligraphy ink and I love that!

p.s. - a bride whose wedding invitations I addressed, as well as did the table place cards is featured on Haley Sheffield's blog!

Baby Announcements

For a baby girl!

It's fair to say that anything baby related is usually delicate and innocent looking, but these announcements may have stolen my heart. I always love meeting and working with new clients and help make their vision come to life.