a wedding with two different invitations

When a recent bride reached out to me about addressing the invitations, I knew she was going to be fun to work with because she had two different invitations: one for the ceremony, and one for the reception. I am all for a smaller wedding and bigger reception!

The actual wedding envelopes:

They were addressed in navy ink - as was the invitation itself. I also wanted the name to be a little bigger than the address.

And for the reception invitations:

I LOVE a good gold ink and this was no exception. 


Many thanks to this creative bride for letting me play!

back with a baby gift

Annnd we're back! I am pretty confident that the hardest part about returning to the office after a little time away is checking email. It should be done slowly, like entering a haunted house. But alas, I did it and survived and if you emailed me, I'll be getting back to you SOON!

Right before I left, though, I met with sweetest client and worked on a baptism gift for her dear friend's baby. Other than wedding calligraphy, baby gifts are probably the second most popular category for Love, Louise. 

This hymn is sung after the baptisms in the Methodist church, and while it was my first time using it, I'm sure it will not be the last!

Horse Stationery

My sister recently celebrated a birthday and requested some Love, Louise work - and that I did!

She loves horses, well, really, any and all animals, so instead of doing the standard monogram look (which I do love), I decided to go on a different route. 

And I did lightly and in a very small font add her monogram, because it's just such a nice, personal touch. 

a different take on stationery

Usually when a client comes to me wanting stationery, we go back and forth on what she (and he!) might want it to look like - style, font, color, etc etc. Then, once the design is laid out, I use my scanner and printer and go to work.

However, this project was a little different because she asked me with not a whole lot of time to spare, and I just so happened to be at a favorite paper shop - and the ideas started flowing. 


I purchased chevron designed stationery and then hand wrote on each card - with about 8 different styles, rather than running it through the printer. While I typically like to come up with the design, this was ideal with the very short time frame, plus the recipients who will get her cards will be able to feel the textured calligraphy ink and I love that!

p.s. - a bride whose wedding invitations I addressed, as well as did the table place cards is featured on Haley Sheffield's blog!

Baby Announcements

For a baby girl!

It's fair to say that anything baby related is usually delicate and innocent looking, but these announcements may have stolen my heart. I always love meeting and working with new clients and help make their vision come to life. 

Business Cards

I'm an advocate for anything a little off beat and different, so when this client asked me to create a different take on a business card, I eagerly said yes!

Business cards can all look the same, so even when I created my own, I had them sized larger - 2.5 by 3.5.

For this client, the size we agreed on is 3.5 by 5. She wanted a design, but overall, a simple look, and I couldn't be more pleased with the result!

Have a happy Fourth!


Introducing a new font today!

Meet Irving. She is very light, very sporadic, and airy, and is quickly becoming my favorite. 

And to see all my fonts and their names, click the tab up top labeled "fonts."

ps - any and all fonts can be combined for a really fun envelope!

The last of the Chicken Wedding

Following the ceremony, we headed to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and ate and ate and ate. 

There was a lot of food - really, really good food. And in fact, the bride wanted food to be served that would not need a knife. I love that!

Anyways, they had me type out the menu along with their names at the top. 

The day after the wedding, the fun continued with a brunch celebrating the newlyweds. 

I wanted a simple look that highlighted the couple and love how these turned out.

Last weekend was so much fun - especially seeing all the little details come together!

Wedding Program!

Along with the save the dates and the invitations, the programs were a pretty big undertaking. However, with the help of my handy intern and a trusty printer, all 400 of them were printed with hardily any drama. 

The bride's big thing was getting married at her home church, and I can see why - it's beautiful! The ceiling of the sanctuary has doves carved out of wood. 

So instead of having a monogram or a cross on the front of the program, she asked me to draw a similar dove and have "Therefore whatever God has joined together, let no man separate" circling it. 

The inside of the program was all computer font. But I love that under each member of the bridal party, it listed the where (s)he was from! Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, New Jersey, Maryland, California, and Germany to name a few.

Lastly, on the back, I hand drew a map from the church to the Botanical Gardens. It was simple and pretty basic, but I loved it. 

And a little more to come later this week....

Meet the Chickens!

As referenced to here occasionally on this little blog, I have been working on a pretty big wedding. The bride and I have known each other for as long as I can remember, and it was a true joy to be a part of her day and watch her marry Mr. Chicken!

Yep, she married a man with a unique last name. However, her new mother-in-law told the bride that she would only have to introduce herself once, and everyone would remember her name, which I can only imagine is very true! 

So the bride wanted to play up her last name and had me draw a rooster and a hen and use the design throughout the wedding. 

These were placed on the gift bags for the out of town guests. The hen has pearls and the rooster is sporting a bow tie. 

For the rehearsal dinner, the design was used for the table numbers. 

The hen was on one side, while the rooster was on the other. 

It was fun! More to come later this week!

BOY baby shower

When I was asked to be a hostess at an upcoming baby shower, I was more than honored and also immediately knew my role:  the invitations! 

The mama to be is practically a sister of mine, and though she is having a boy (yay!), I also wanted to add a girly touch to the invitation. 

Sometimes calligraphy (and addressed invitations) can seem super formal, and while this baby shower is not black tie attire, I addressed them in a pretty funky font and at an angle which made them more relaxed. It was fun to play! (and no, that is not my real address.)


ps- I included the official Love, Louise Designs logo on the back of the invitation. Simple and subtle. 


To completely copy my friend, Shannon, "I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, I have just been straddling it delicately."

Next weekend is a huge wedding I have been working on, and while I am finishing the last minute details, I can't wait to share all about it! 

In the midst of all the fun though, I did manage a really quick trip to the Northwest (a place I hope to call home to one day!). During the 21 hours I was in Portland, Oregon, I found the coolest letterpress and print shop. Oblation had a calligraphy pen and ink on display and I asked to play with it and left a little mark. 

In other news - LLD has a new addition! Meet Rebecca. Organizer extraordinaire. Errand runner enthusiast. Printer whisperer. She is also my sister!

With a flexible summer work schedule, she volunteered some intern-esque hours here at the headquarters and I could not be more thankful!

Plus, she occasionally brings extra coffee to share - and I don't hate that. 

latest ART

While my printer is hard at work printing wedding programs (more on that soon!), I've been hard at work mixing colors and playing with paint.

10 x 8 acrylic on canvas

10 x 8

acrylic on canvas

36 x 24 oil on canvas

36 x 24

oil on canvas

24 x 36 oil and acrylic on canvas

24 x 36

oil and acrylic on canvas

24 x 24 acrylic and INK on canvas

24 x 24

acrylic and INK on canvas

8 x 8 acrylic on canvas (this little one was previously featured on the blog, but she's too cute not to post again!)

8 x 8

acrylic on canvas

(this little one was previously featured on the blog, but she's too cute not to post again!)

Father's Day

Mother's Day was a huge hit around here! Filled with lots of stationery and other great paper goodies, and while I know that Father's Day doesn't totally scream floral monogrammed stationery, it might just be the year to do something personal verses that tie you were thinking about. 

And before I let the whole tie comment fly away, I will share a tie with you that I did color for my dad way back in my preschool days. He wore it to my college graduation and it was full circle. The tie is completely tacky, but he managed to pull it off nicely and I'll never forget it!

Thankfully, however, my childhood scribbles have gotten a tad better.

I've brainstormed several different ideas for Father's Day, and while everything I do is custom based, here is what I will be offering from now until June 11.

Personalized stationery - with a masculine touch. 

Scripture, quotes, etc designed on pieces of wood. In the Carpenter family movies like Father of the Bride and shows like Friends are quoted a little too much - although it almost gets funnier the more they are said. 

Anyways. Just to reiterate, I will be accepting custom orders until une 11th!

around the c l o c k

This invitation was done on very rectangular paper (9.25 by 3.75!), and while I had never worked with it before, I know this will not be the last time! (p.s - this would be IDEAL paper to create cute note stationery on.)

Although the shower is around the clock themed - the host did not necessarily want a clock themed invite, so we went with some harsh diagonal lines for the design and mixed my calligraphy handwriting with computer print. 

Love those envelopes, too!

numbers 6:24-6

My favorite thing about this little wedding gift is the stacked wood - and how it frames the verse so nicely. Plus, the wedding took place in the mountains, so I think it goes pretty well. 

a quick getaway with a load of pictures

Feeling in need of some inspiration, I took a glance at my schedule last week, and noticed a solid 30 hours that was relatively free - so I packed a bag, grabbed an actual camera, and hit the road for the mountains of North Carolina. 

The great thing about this little retreat was the spotty cell reception, enabling me to put the phone down and actually notice and observe such amazing views around me. 

Along with my camera, I grabbed the 50mm lens and had it with me the majority of my trip.

The pictures are of the same view - two different days. 

If you find yourself in Cashiers, NC - go into The White Rabbit. My favorite store, and I may or may not have purchased the bag in the last picture. 

So if you notice a few little changes around here in the upcoming weeks - I'm in the midst of an inspiration overhaul. 

{p.s. - later this week is all about father's day gifts!}