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I really, really like to work with my hands - which is probably why I didn't enjoy the 9-5 desk life all that much. Give me a paintbrush, a calligraphy pen, even clay. I just like to create.

And I get that from my dad (mostly). He lives out his last name and truly is a Carpenter. 

image via 

image via 

For my sister's wedding, Dad made this cross by hand. 

And the table top which is currently in use here at the studio.

And just recently, I found him in his backyard building doors from scratch. (note: these will be stained and painted...and literally weigh about 250 lbs each!)

With each project, he comes up with a vision, draws it out, and let's his creativity flow. 

And while he certainly is handy, he occasionally paints, too! 

This was done about 10 years ago while my mom was on a trip and he decided to grab a canvas and join in on an afternoon painting session.

It's pretty fun to share the little artsy side with him! 


Stationery for Davis

While I have done a whole lot of stationery for a whole lot of wonderful people, there is one group of people that I had not created much for:  boys! So when the opportunity arose earlier this month, I was excited to jump on board and create something for a pretty cool four year old. 

A firetruck - simple and equally fun for this outgoing kid. 

Christmas Card Recap

Out of respect to each of the families I had the pleasure of working with, no pictures of them will be shown - only the design and detail. 

photo 4.jpg

Up first - my family's! While it tends to be an ongoing theme of using "JOY!" or "Peace" on our card each year, I decided to go with something completely off beat and just write our name on the front, above the picture, and then a verse on the back. 

This was a folded card, and a small note with the picture was inside, and personally, this card was really hard to top. Loved the way it turned out!

I used the same bird in a different color on the client's business card. So it only seemed fitting to use it on her Christmas card.  

I wish I could show this entire card - the client loves tartan, so I painted it and used it as the bottom layer, with writing and the image on top. 

SO much fun, big writing on this card. 

While this card was actually created for a business, it was surprisingly the easiest card to create in the whole bunch. 

Again, I so wish I could show the entire image because the greenery goes throughout the card and even on the back where there was a second image. And also the kids in these pictures are hilarious!


And the last two cards were easier just showing the calligraphy texts - 

The most fun was sitting down and brainstorming with each client, and inevitably, seeing their vision come to life. 

Digital Files!

I met with a client yesterday who asked if I created digital files, and little did she know it was in the works and ready to debut today!

*yes, that really is the background to my work computer and iPhone. The iPad belongs to my mom.

Digital files are solely custom works that are designed for the tablet, smart phone, and computer. They will be sent in a format easy to upload an can be used at your disposal. 

Other digital files can be created that do not necessarily have to be used digitally....

If you have ever received a note from LLD headquarters, you may have seen this logo somewhere on the envelope. 

The idea is similar to custom return address stamps, but this offers you to have the file digitally and be able to do anything you want with it - not just as a return address. 

mills 0001 - Version 2.jpg

Or if your daughter, for instance, loves horses,  this hand drawn image could be placed on stationery, linens, and even a lunchbox. 

*this was actual stationery created, hence the monogram. 


Again, it's at your disposal and get creative as wanted!

Christmas Stationery

I received a handful of stationery orders for Christmas. While each one did in fact have a floral theme, they were created specifically for each lady. And each one was a different style and shape. 


So hard keeping these a secret!

Meet Carson

This past Fall I posted on my personal instagram account that I was looking for some help around the studio over Christmas break, knowing full well that I would need it. 

Carson quickly inquired and spent her break organizing my studio, filing papers, and tackling a really messy paint closet. She filled the space with her contagious joy, quick wit, and positive energy. 

I was so thrilled she came and miss her so much! 

On her last day, she asked me to recreate a design on Pinterest with her favorite quote. Done! And she was sweet enough to send me a few pictures of it framed in its new home. 

The last picture was work I had laying around because it actually had a couple flaws on it; however, you can hardly tell the way Carson has it framed. 

Carson - you are a prize and are always (always!) welcome back! 

*last four images via Carson 

Baby Shower Envelopes

The very last project I had in 2014 was to address some invitations for an upcoming baby shower - which was very welcomed because the client was (and is) so lovely to work with. 

The mom is having a baby girl, and with a feminine and relaxed invitation, I decided to continue that theme on the envelope. 

I love making the new mom's (or bride and groom) envelope a little funkier and personal. 

2015 // Plentiful

Happy New Year! And Merry Christmas! 

While there is still a bit of construction happening around here, I did want to wake the blog up and what not a better first post of 2015 then to discuss a few Christmas presents. I tend to keep my family life pretty private on here, but as vain as it may be, I really liked what I gave my two sisters, brother in law, and parents, so indulge me, no?

I am an avid hot tea drinker, and several years ago was gifted with what I think of as my most favorite gift ever: An electric tea kettle. I drink between 4-6 cups a day. And therefore, have an impressive mug collection; each one having special meaning behind it. 

One of my favorites...

side note: I think those "inspirational" notes on tea bags are total cheese, but I do just love their tea!

side note: I think those "inspirational" notes on tea bags are total cheese, but I do just love their tea!

So for Christmas, I decided to share my love for mugs. 

The sisters got mugs with their nickname initial, and Dad instead of his real name because the colors suited him better. 

Each mug came with a personalized note, explaining the meaning behind the gift and why I chose Plentiful as my word for the year. 

All ready for the tree. I actually hate wrapping gifts, so I try to come up with alternatives  - and this year that meant writing names on the box itself!

So happy to welcome 2015! 

last post of 2014

Merry Christmas! This is indeed the last post, but Love, Louise will be back the first week of 2015 with lots of fun posts and new goodness around the website! 

But before we officially head off on Holiday, there are gifts to finish up and this little post to talk about. 

A couple of weeks ago, this post was on the blog - 

Soon after, I received a phone call from the mother of the groom who asked about a potential Christmas gift for Patton and Jimmy. 

Using the raw design of the Save The Date, we came up with a painting for their home. 

Thanks Mrs. Fiske for letting me play with this one.  It was the perfect ending to 2014!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you soon, 2015!

The Latest

Blogging in December is rather tricky, because as you can imagine, most everything I am working on (or have been working on) is a Christmas gift and is top secret! 

But here are a few things that I can share...

Stationery for a sweet new baby - who just happens to have the world's greatest name! (not that I am biased...)

photo 2.JPG

This is technically a Christmas gift, and her name is cropped out, but I do love those little flowers. I was actually asked if I could send along the original, which is always an option even if it might be on scratch paper. 

This image was later centered on folded paper, with a hand lettered name written across the bottom. 

All three of these dear clients gave me free reign, and I had more fun!!


p.s. If you, too, have yet to even begin Christmas shopping (sorry, family!), there are always Love, Louise Designs gift certificates available in any amount and can be used for anything I do: stationery design, paintings, custom gifts, etc!

Last Week

This Friday marks the last day to order something Christmas-related and have it ready by Christmas!!

This includes...

Custom gifts




Anything from the SHOP

AND gift cards - which come in any amount beginning with $20 and are good for anything at LLD!

Happy shopping!

round two of save the dates

While last week's bride was here in town, today's is not - but that did not change how much I enjoyed working with her on her save the dates!

She wanted a floral theme, so I started with this as a draft...

A quick painting done on computer paper. This sparked my creative buds and became the background image. 

The calligraphy text was then added. And to follow up with the little leaf holding the date, we used it again on the back.

We also ran the envelopes through the printer for the return addy and I kinda love the little emblem! Such a simple way to add best little touch. 

Lastly, several "will you be my flower girl / ring bearer" cards were made!

P, it was a joy to do this!!

shop small. shop local.

Happy Small Business Saturday! Everything in the SHOP is 20% off! And all custom orders received today are 10% off! All orders received via email by midnight on November 29th will be accepted!:

* this excludes calendars and christmas cards. Shipping rates do apply to those not in the Atlanta area.

Interested, but have questions about pricing and size? - email me before 9pm, and I promise to respond with an answer!


Some of my personal favorites...

And a few new things added, included hand painted journals!...

Happy Shopping!

Save The Dates!

This past Fall, I have had the pleasure working with several brides and designing their Save The Dates. Today's bride, Lexie, is a treasure! Our official meeting included drinks and talking way more about her wedding than just what kind of save the dates she envisioned. 

*some details have been scratched out, respecting the privacy of the bride and groom. 

{masculine} stationery

As mentioned last week, November comes with celebrating the only two men in our little family, and this past weekend, we celebrated the patriarch. 

He had hinted several months ago that he was in need of stationery, and while 95% of what is produced at LLD is geared towards females, I took the challenge and came up with something more masculine. 

the NC State fight song

While my family is heavy on the girl side, we do have two men who both have birthdays within a week of each other. So our November is full of golf balls, tennis rackets, whiskey, and really good meals at top notch restaurants (props to being related to foodies). 

Anyways, last weekend was birthday celebration number 1. Since I tend to struggle with male birthday gifts, I did know of my brother in law's love for his alma mater: NC State. So thus, the fight song!


New Paintings

New paintings are here! New paintings are here!

18 by 36

18 by 36

18 by 36

18 by 36

18 by 18

18 by 18

To purchase or for questions, contact me directly!

These can also be found in the shop!


p.s. Small Business Saturday is November 29, and LLD just may be having a few items on sale.